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Flip Mode new barrage from Paramount Fireworks goes mad

Flip Mode is a superb new addition to the Paramount Fireworks range for 2010. The brand that brought you such classics as Fragma and the irresistible Echo Bomb has introduced another instant classic to its repertoire.

Flip Mode is the very definition of a no-nonsense, fast-paced, animal of a barrage and should definitely be handled with extreme caution.

A reproduction of the incredible Air Boss by Brothers Pyrotechnics this is already guaranteed to be a good performer and a popular piece. We have worked very closely with Brothers Pyrotechnics to make sure that the same great quality, high-impact and value for money will be there for this one.

Heres the review:

This awesome new barrage from Paramount Fireworks lives up to its name beautifully. 38 large shots fired rapidly in fanned formation from left to right across the sky; simply breath-taking. Screaming comet tails with great crackles turn into whistling tails with timed golden rain and huge gold willow with crackling flowers.

All this in about 20 seconds makes this an absolutely crazy barrage and one that is definitely going to be a favourite of 2010.

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