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WHAT: Flamborough Fire Festival
WHY: New Year Celebrations
WHERE: The Festival Arena is situated at Mereside, Flamborough. To find the event by google maps please use postcode YO15 1LA
WHEN: Saturday, 31st December 2022
COST: Free for anyone 12 and under, or any adult in full Viking costume! (Suggested donation of £10-£15 where possible.)

This brilliant New Year celebration returns to remember Flamborough’s Viking Heritage. A torch procession will be held with 1,500 torches available this year (extra charge applies.)

Fireballs Display

Approximately 2,000 visitors will be attending the event from across the UK, and the atmosphere is set to be brilliant. Will many people in full dress, pulling a longship through the streets of Flamborough before reaching it’s final destination.

As part of tradition, the Viking Longship is to be set alight, followed by a costume competition!

Fire Festival

Get yourself over to Bridlington this New Year if you fancy something a bit different!

Flamborough Fire Festival 2018

For further information on this event, please click this link.

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