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There are certain fireworks which fly off our shelves, some because they have earned a fantastic reputation over a period of years, others because they are simply the best within their category and a few because they offer unique effects. This got us wondering if there are any hidden gems which perhaps get over-looked despite providing superior performance than better selling alternatives. Here we look at our top 5 hidden gems!

Gold Fountain - Noise Rating 5/10 - 50 Seconds - Cost £9.96

The Gold Fountain from our Marvel range takes fifth spot on our list because its performance is much greater than similar priced conical fountains. In the same range, our silver and crackling cones last approximately 30 to 35 seconds, whilst Gold Fountain gives a superb display in excess of 50 seconds! Generally speaking, gold conical fountains tend to be more spectacular than their silver counterparts, and that is certainly the case here!

Knight's Quest - Noise Rating 7/10 - 30 Seconds - Cost £24.96

Knight's Quest is a new addition to our range and as such has yet to gain the traction it deserves! Many of our regular customers rate our Epic range of fireworks thanks partly to our unusual sound effects, and Knight's Quest also shares some of these same sounds. The 40 shot cake has incredible three-stage whistles, but unlike our own Triple Whistle barrage also has many visual effects including red and green peonies to white strobe, blue tipped brocades with white blink, fizzing comets and an inbuilt finale featuring dragon eggs.

Double Barrelled Shotgun - Noise Rating 7/10 - 20 Seconds - Cost £29.94

Double Barrelled Shotgun is a hugely unique barrage and would add excitement to any display. Often over-looked, those that do stumble upon its firing videos soon discover that the underappreciated firework is in fact a great buy. As its name suggests, this firework provides a double burst effect, with a mine lift producing sharp crackling clusters whilst multi-coloured bursts break above. Delayed crackling dragon eggs then compliment mine lifts and add to the rhythm of fierce crackle sounds. This firework is both a treat on the eyes and ears!

NRG - Noise Rating 8/10 - 45 Seconds - Cost £39.96

NRG really is a hidden gem, and for those who seek fireworks with individuality, then look no further! NRG is a 30 shot barrage which discharges very scarce crackling corkscrew-tailed comets! There is no firework quite like this, and therefore NRG will certainly stand out in a crowd. It's tails fizz majestically as they excrete trails of time rain, and once they have snaked to great heights they explode to give mighty bursts which wash the sky in vivid colour. Once you discover this secret treasure, we are sure that it will become a future staple!

Colour Wars - Noise Rating 5/10 - 45 Seconds - Cost £49.98

Black Cat's Colour Wars takes our top spot and is an innovative, and frankly quite magical, firework which, because it is brand new to our store, is yet to be discovered by the masses. Black Cat have really raised the bar with this 48 shot colour changing fan, and we advise that you snag this piece early because once fired buyers are going to want this extraordinary firework time and time again. Mark our words, Colour Wars will soon be making waves, both literally and figuratively.

We hope that these recommendations help introduce some rarer effects into your display, and are confident that their inclusion will be enjoyed by all.

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