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Fireworks With Music


And before anybody asks, we are not talking about our “three blind mice” fountain, possibly the only musical firework (it does actually play the three blind mice tune). We are talking music suitable for a fireworks show.

Being a DJ for the last 30+ years, I am continually being asked what pieces of music I would recommend to put to fireworks. Recently Komodo fireworks won the 2012 Southport with a stunning display of musicality, timed to a split second.

Hundreds of hours went into the preparation, and well worth the effort bearing in mind the kudos of winning one of the most highly coveted awards. For those of us who just want to put a piece of music to a display to create an atmospheric feel to the show, here are a few pointers. Firstly, it may help to watch our videos online, look at the speed of the fireworks in your show, most of our packs start off with a smaller piece and gradually build to a stunning finale. The main thing here is to create an atmosphere with a nice ‘fireworky’ pace (if there is such a word). There are many software packages to download, mostly either shareware or free trials just for the one-off display such as wavepad, wavosaur, wavetrim, etc. just search free mp3 editors and go.

If you’re really serious or are planning to do a few shows through the year maybe look into mixmeister. It’s not free but not expensive either and again there are free trials (with limitations) to have a go it to see if it suits your needs. With it you can copy a few bars and overlay it onto another track. Speed up the B.P.M (beats per minute) and beat mix into another track with no overlap just a simple click on the snap to beat icon and it’s done. Looping a sample is the same, highlight the piece you like, click copy, and paste it as many times as you like (try not to get too repetitive as this may spoil the impact).

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