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Fireworks Signs From Around the World

Fireworks Signs From Around the World

We've all been there. Sat in a restaurant on holiday and laughing at the rude mistranslations in a menu, or walking through a shop and calling out to your friends to come and see some funny packaging that would never see the light of day in the UK.

Well, the world of fireworks is no different. 

Whether it's a sign lost in translation or a packaging design gone awry, fireworks offer plenty of opportunity for a laugh.

In this article, we've collected a range of funny signs and firework packaging from various corners of the globe. From amusing mistranslations, unexpected design choices and general wit and humour, these snapshots offer a glimpse into the quirky side of pyrotechnics that's sure to bring a smile to your face.

Anil Fireworks

These guys are a leading branded manufacturer of fireworks in India and have been trading for the last nine decades in the country.
IMG_6738 - fireworks sign

Archangel Fireworks Inc.

Known for their humorous road side board, these guys in Manitoba Canada can always be relied upon for a laugh as you drive by.

Archangel Signs - your wife called

Cock Brand

Another win from India, you can buy a whole range of fireworks which proudly have the Cock brand plastered all over them.

Cock Brand Fireworks

A Few More to Enjoy

We don't know exactly where these signs are from, but who cares, they still made us smile!


No Fireworks

Find Any More On Your Travels?

Take a snap, and make sure you send it over or tag us in your post on social media (@epicfireworks). We'd love to add it to the collection!



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