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Fireworks Rockets - The UK's Best Selection

Fireworks Rockets - The UK's Best Selection

58 Top Quality Display Rockets. The superb Rocket Box 2 from Epic Fireworks contains a fine array of excellent single display rockets and is ideal for any firework display where you are looking for beautiful colours and effects at a very affordable price.

This DIY Rocket selection pack includes, amongst others the amazing “Echo Bomb” – a very loud report rocket which will rock the very ground you stand on. This box also features the stunning “Heat Seeker” with 5 effects of stunning coloured dahlias. The amazing “Space Blaster” with Waves of Sea blue crackling pistils and the awesome “Super Starburst” with green and gold crackling and beautiful yellow with white glittering, this is pure poetry in rocket design.

Epic Fireworks stock the UK best selection of display rockets. Check the site today

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