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Simon From Stafford At Epic Fireworks

Ask anyone what has changed in the last 15 years, and most people will say "The rise of the internet".

So, how has this affected fireworks! Well, let's look at the ways that fast online access has improved the pyro experience. Here are the medal winners:-

Notable Runner - Online Shopping

Why not number one? Well, bricks and mortar shops still are very popular, with online shops providing a second option for people who like their pyro delivered. Me, I must admit I love visiting an "offline" shop, but their websites are useful for checking out prices and stock.

Bronze - Forums

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Forums link people across the country, but also seem to attract the sort of people who, in days gone by, probably spent a lot of time locked up in attics! None the less, forums are an excellent way of sharing opinions.

Silver - Online Videos

When you think about it, how brilliant is this? Share your own footage with the world, and check out footage from suppliers before you buy. A massive advantage, although perhaps the purists would say it takes away the fun a little of seeing a firework "live" for the first time.

GOLD - Blogs

Ok, a bit of self indulgence here, but really, how cool are blogs? Anyone with an opinion can share it with a wide audience, in a lucid way, without the need to send it in a letter, and it's all done so quickly. The world is talking... about fireworks!

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