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Fireworks Of Glass - 43 Foot Tall Sculpture

Fireworks Of Glass - 43 Foot Tall Sculpture

Fireworks of Glass is Dale Chihuly’s largest permanent installation ever. Chihuly designed the tower and led a team of artists as they blew glass and set up the installation.

Chihuly is from Seattle, but is known around the world for creating beautiful and extraordinary art glass. His unique work is discussed and sought after by collectors and museums everywhere.

Chihuly began blowing glass as a student in the early 1960’s. Since then he has become more of a planner and visionary in the glass industry, as opposed to a physical craftsman. By focusing more on the big picture and less on the intricate details of physical glassblowing, Chihuly has created different themes in his artwork. His pieces have taken on forms found in everyday objects and nature.

The 43 Foot Tall Tower holds over 3200 pieces of coloured glass standing on a ceiling of 1600 pieces of glass, made up of 14 types of glass! This all weighs in at over 1400 pounds!

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