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Fireworks in Libya for Gaddafi's Party

Fireworks in Libya for Gaddafi's Party

There will be fireworks on Tuesday night in Libya's capital Tripoli. Thankfully they won't be the usual political ones.

The largest party in the world (possibly) will be held to commemorate the country's 40th year of independence.

The grandest show since the Olympics will involve the largest tent in the world, 40 hot air balloons and at least 1000 camels.

Entertainers and performers are being ferried in from across the world, dancers, fireworks specialists, The Frecce Tricolri (the Italian red arrows) and even a brass band from the valleys of Wales. And local talent will include the toureg nomadic tribesmen who will perform a cultural display involving those camels.

The enigmatic, modest and self-proclaimed king of kings has had the whole city whitewashed over the weekend. So it should be spick and span and lovely and shiny by Tuesday when he will put on a bit of a buffet for a few thousand.

Already being compared to the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, this should be a show to remember and world leaders, diplomats and representatives are expected to attend the biggest party in the world so far in 2009.

We will not comment on the politics, but oil (i'll) be looking forward to seeing what a tyranical ruler calls a good fireworks display. I know if it was me doing the display I would probably throw up a few extra shells in the finale just to be on the safe side.

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