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This time, the team are banded together to protect the batteries but Rocket steals some, resulting in chaos once again. The opening scene with baby groot is fabulous. In this film, Quill (the starlord) finally gets to the bottom of the question of his parentage and that the man who is his father has some sort of god complex and must be stopped. Yondu, the man who had looked after Quill all his life was found to be the man who had been better at parenting but in the end, sacrificed himself to save him. The fireworks scene is an incredibly sad one as they hold a funeral and finally say farefull before the fireworks light up space.


The film is loosely based on the TV series of the same name; sexist and with a plethora of penis jokes, it is not going to win any awards but amusing nonetheless. In this film, the fireworks look to be very real with a fair amount of smoke around. In this scene, the badass is the incredibly beautiful Priyanka Chopra who is a drug lord and all round shady businesswoman (Leeds), is trying to escape capture by getting aboard her helicopter but there is a professional firework display set up and CJ and Brody come across the firing system which is all primed and ready to go. Mitch (the rock) picks up the launch tube and aims it straight at Leeds as it fires, it sets off the display and knocks the helicopter and the drugs out of the sky. I laughed at this one as on wiki, it says that she was taken down by a roman candle – looked more like a 10-inch mortar tube to me, to be honest but hey, who are we to argue with Hollywood! Really clever use of the fireworks in this finale.


Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman find themselves on the run through Europe where they join the circus to outrun the big game hunter and animal control officer; Chantal du Boise who is chasing them down.

Dubois chases the hapless crew over to France, where Alex and his friends decide that it’s the circus life for them. Ably assisted by new friends Gia (a jaguar) Vitaly (a Siberian tiger) and Stefano (a sea lion) they are again forced to London to put on the show although it is not yet complete with not being able to practice. The Tiger was the star of the show in the past despite having burnt his fur in a previous trick, but Alex encourages him to try again and this scene shows him, having leaped through the hoop safely (covered in hair conditioner as a lubricant) the fireworks fill the arena. Delightful, funny and heart-warming.

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