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Fireworks For Fathers Day 2014

Fireworks For Fathers Day 2014

Fireworks For Fathers Day 2014 – Sunday 15th June 2014

Most countries celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday in June and in some, the day is associated with St Joseph's Day. It celebrates fatherhood and male parenting across the globe and for those of us really were fortunate enough to have brilliant dads, it give you a chance to spoil them a little.

Fathers day is stated as being founded in Washington in the USA in 1910 but it was many years to become firmly established and it wasn’t until former President, Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972.

Celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June in the vast majority of countries it is still celebrated on a wide number of days in the rest of the world too.

Now we have all bought some truly heinous gifts for Fathers Day I’m sure. My mum for example once bought both my grandfathers (her father and my own dad’s father) a hair treatment set with brush, comb, lotion etc. It was a very nice gift until you take into account that both my grampa and grandy were both bald from their early twenties!

Today of course we spend a small fortune on golfing memorabilia, Bart Simpson slippers and socks and the obligatory ‘best dad in the world’ cups but surely, if your dad loves fireworks, maybe you could get him one or two pieces to fire on the evening or indeed at a future date when you have a family gathering. With prices starting from under £10 to a massive barrage for just under a hundred, we have literally a MASSIVE range to choose from.

There are of course over 300 different pyro pieces here at Epic so come over to see us and we will do everything to ensure that this Fathers Day, your dad will spend the whole day smiling.

The best-selling item so far for Fathers Day is the Sky Thriller Rocket. With a massive single burst of giant glittering golden willow and a seemingly unending descent of beautiful slow falling twinkling stars that hang in the sky for ages. The Sky Thriller finale rocket has been designed to thrill, and that's exactly what it does. Just £14.95 and available for collection or delivery (add £9.95 to the cost) this cracker of a rocket will make his day.

Happy Fathers Day

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