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Fireworks For Families And Young Children

We LOVE Epic Fireworks

Hello! When people talk about "family" fireworks, they might think of small selection boxes, a few sparklers in the back garden, and a few whizz pop rockets. Indeed, I don't challenge that- small back garden fireworks can be great fun. But equally, I have found that families love a nice big Cat 3 display! Just because someone has children, or indeed because someone is young, does not mean that they can't enjoy the big fireworks with the rest of us. Fireworks are designed to be watched by persons of all ages and used by persons over 18. They can be a wonderful form of entertainment. Some of my biggest displays and indeed most successful displays have been to a family audience. The potential issue is that some younger children may be a little nervous and intimidated. This can be overcome, leaving everyone happy. I'll give a few hints and tips from my experience to make it go well.

1. Start early. Families go to bed- children have early bedtimes and tend to get tired. Aim to fire around "tea time". That way people won't be tired and children (and parents) won't be moody.

2. Brevity is your friend. It is not necessary or appreciated to run a long display. About 10 minutes, at the most, is fine. I have found that it is quality that is remembered, not duration. Children and indeed many adults have attention spans that naturally "peak" quite quickly - the last thing you want is for people to be getting restless.

3. Distance is more important than ever. For safety and best effect, you should always use your Cat 3 at least 30 clear metres away from the audience - I'd suggest allowing for much more for younger children. For those who may be a little nervous, distance provides a natural barrier from the fireworks. Fireworks are safe, but none the less some people may still feel uncomfortable. A nice distance can be the difference between enjoyment and nervousness.

4. Along the same lines, if at all possible, allow your fireworks to be watchable from inside as well. This is great for slightly nervous children who will still want to watch the action - again, a natural (psychological) barrier. Be sure people feel safe (even if you know they ARE safe, it's important they feel it too).

5. Provide food! As always, it is appreciated - but having something people can be chomping away on whilst watching is another great way of controlling nerves, and adding a comfort factor. Here are a load of tips and ideas -

6. Be sure each child is being looked after by an adult. In most circumstances, this is obviously the parent or guardian, but I have known instances where groups of older boys (and its boys - sorry but true) have been liable to cause a minor nuisance Essentially, have someone you know just to keep an eye on everyone. I'd suggest that you request parents are at the display too if at all possible - moreover, they can also enjoy the fireworks.

And that pretty much is that!

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