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Fireworks Festival Malta 2014

Fireworks Festival Malta 2014

Saturday 26th July saw the skies over the oldest town in Malta, Zurrieq fully lit up with fireworks as the annual pyromusical show took place.

This event, currently in its 7th year, is held the evening before the feast held for ‘Our Lady of Mount Carmel and is internationally renowned for the great colours, huge effects and excellent choreography to music which the Maltese are known for.

Malta has become a bit of a ‘mecca’ to firework enthusiasts and has been recently visited by the team from Passfire who are making a film about fireworks around the globe and judging by the sheer number of pictures on their pages of the shells, mechanised fireworks and beautiful shell bursts, they were in no hurry to leave Malta behind.

This year’s event includes a couple of unique high-rise vertical firing columns which have been erected to create distinctive and spectacular display features which they are calling Hanabi Towers.

The night sky was treated to some stunning shapes including stars, space ships and one that looked like Saturn with its rings and an incomprehensible number of magnificent multi shell bursts which changed colour and a huge burst of a massive willow effect with massive stars and colour changes.

All fired using the specialist firing system Pyro Master there were some brilliant slices, super bright colours including some beautiful shades of purple and turquoise and the titanium flashes were so bright they looked like balls of lightning.

Some say that China has the best pyro in the world but having watched videos from around the web of the event in Malta, it would appear that they are definitely at the forefront of invention in regards to pyro and I cant wait to see more.

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