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Fireworks Displays Help Two Wokingham Charities that Work with Families

Fireworks Displays Help Two Wokingham Charities that Work with Families

Every November, the Wokingham Fireworks draw thousands of people to enjoy its torchlit procession, funfair, and spectacular firework display. But this event is more than just a night of fun; it’s a major fundraiser, organised by the Wokingham Lions in partnership with volunteers from the Wokingham Rotary Club, Easthampstead Rotary Club, and Windsor Forest Unicorn Club. Each group nominates a charity to benefit from the proceeds, ensuring that the funds raised make a significant impact in the community.

This year, the Wokingham Lions chose to support Daisy’s Dream and First Days Children’s Charity, splitting their share of the donations between these two worthy causes.

Daisy’s Dream

Daisy’s Dream has been offering crucial support to children facing significant bereavement since 1996. Last month, Joanne Somner from Daisy’s Dream visited the Lions to express her gratitude for a generous donation of £3,500. She explained that this funding could be used to run their phone line for three months, providing initial support and answering ongoing questions for families in need. Additionally, the funds could facilitate a memorable family day out for the children they help or provide six one-to-one coaching sessions for 10 children.

First Days Children’s Charity

First Days Children’s Charity focuses on supporting families with low incomes by providing essential items for children, including school uniforms. Recently, they opened a shop where parents can buy pre-loved uniforms at affordable prices, helping even more families in the Wokingham Borough. The Wokingham Lions are playing an active role in this venture, volunteering to run the shop every Thursday afternoon from 3pm to 6pm at The Elevate Centre in Wokingham. Last Thursday, the Lions presented a cheque for £2,500 to First Days, further supporting their efforts to make a positive difference in the community.

Making a Difference with Fireworks

As you can see, the Wokingham Fireworks event not only brings joy to those who attend but also makes a significant impact on local charities. Through the dedication of the Wokingham Lions, Rotary Clubs, and other volunteers, funds raised at this event provide vital support to organisations, helping them continue their important work in the local community.

If you’re inspired by the difference that fireworks displays can make, be sure to check out our article Fireworks for a Cause: Supporting Charity Events with Pyrotechnics. It’s packed with tips on how to plan, run, promote, and maximise the results from your own charity fireworks display, ensuring your event is both spectacular and impactful. A photo of one of the Epic Fireworks New Year's DIY Display packs, showing the wide range of barrages, mines, fountains and rockets included as well as the safety equipment.

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