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The final night of the World Fireworks Championships in Blackpool England took place last night (2/10/09) despite the terrible weather conditions. The wind was blowing and there was a taste of rain in the air as Kimbolton Fireworks of the UK took centre stage to try to impress the brave citizens of Blackpool. Thousands of people flocked to Blackpool town centre to watch the spectacular finale.

The damp and windy weather meant a slightly shorter show, but spirits still soared as fireworks filled the sky.

"The weather was disappointing," said a spectator, "We came here to enjoy the fireworks and although they were very good, it was hard to see with a force 10 gale blowing in our eyes." He went on to add, "At one point I thought the missus was going to get blown away, although that may not have been a bad thing!"
The last to perform their dizzying display was indeed Kimbolton Fireworks and ended four weeks of sensational shows as France, China, Ireland and Austria battled to be crowned the winners of the international competition.

But only one could claim victory, and this was China's year.

Cindy Cheung, of the Vulcan International factory, said: "We are delighted to have won this year's competition and are very proud of this achievement”.

and so the end has come, week after week we have all watched in awe as these fantastic firework fiends fought it out in the skies with their very own soundtracks, but in the end, China stole the show.

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