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Fireworks are not for everybody

Fireworks are not for everybody

Not everyone likes fireworks, some people really dislike them. That's fair enough, but one husband and wife team from Kilmarnock in Scotland went a bit too far to show his displeasure.

James and Sandra Howat-Hurst's young neighbours were enjoying their New Years Eve fireworks and having a small party with a few friends when James went "flip mode", or, had a "Rambo moment" after learning that the police refused to do anything about the fireworks going off on New Years Eve, like the cops can do anything about it anyway?

Just another quiet night in Kilmarnock, Scotland.

The lesson here is that not everyone loves fireworks as much as you do. Be considerate to your neighbours and always tell them in advance that you are having a fireworks display. Let us all enjoy fireworks safely and responsibly and enjoy them for years to come.

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