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Fireworks and Halloween

Fireworks and Halloween

Halloween and Epic Fireworks

You have to hand it to them, love ‘em or hate ‘em, Americans certainly know how to have a Halloween fireworks party.

Halloween has been a feature of the celebratory calendar in the states for many years and it gets bigger and more elaborate each one that passes. This year, the residents of Rome, one of the largest cities in Georgia, held a 5 kilometer ‘Zombie-a-thon’ fun run where the runners had to ‘escape the clutches of the hundreds of ‘zombies’ waiting to catch them. They had to run with flags around their waists which if taken by a zombie meant that you became a zombie runner.

After the runners had all crossed the finish line, the event moved to the block parties being held around the centre of the city. There were live performances by local band Chasing December, dance performances by The Synergy Dance team and a train through the centre and the big band sound was delivered by Mingo Fishtrap (I know, the name is a little odd).

Of course, no self-respecting Halloween Event would be the same without some beautiful fireworks for the event.

The residents were treated to a full display featuring some really beautiful fireworks and some absolutely spectacular shells.

The event was said to be a rip-roaring success and long may it continue.

If you are holding a Halloween event, why not include a small fireworks display. There are some beautiful fireworks available which will suit everything from a small garden to a field the size of a football pitch available at Epic Fireworks so get your order in and we can deliver to you in a couple of days.

We have some brilliant fireworks, some of which are Halloween themed, check out the here.

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