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Fireworks 09 Game on PC moves to the beat!

Fireworks 09 Game on PC moves to the beat!

"This is great fun, control the fireworks in time to the music with taps on the keyboard! Your very own pyromusical!

"Rather than having randomised displays of fireworks all the fireworks are controlled by you. Each letter on the keyboard is assigned a sequence of fireworks that you can start/stop/loop/clear/edit, improve on, and save separately. Ctrl+ to edit. Right-clicking creates fireworks manually and the side panels let you choose the settings for it as a way of sand-boxing the different fireworks styles.

Another side of Fireworks '09 is the beat system. Play some music with the program, preferably one with strong beats, the kind you get with dance music. Holding space and tapping Ctrl every 4 beats (or however many you set) will tell the program what the tempo is and all the fireworks will be going off with the music.

Combining music visualisation with sequence control you effectively DJ the fireworks to suit what the music's doing at the time. There are pre-defined sequences for regular 4/4 beats, upbeats, 3 beat, and 4 beat buildups, big bangs, and longer sequences but of course, you can modify these to suit yourself with the editor."

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