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Firework Vendors Keep The Fire Alive

Firework Vendors Keep The Fire Alive

Fireworks stand in West Texas is going one extra this 4th of July to help raise money for volunteer firefighters in the region.

By collecting donations for the volunteer fire department. It is not unheard of for there to be disagreements between fireworks vendors and the fire department in many parts of many countries.

"It is a great idea," said a local man, "the fireworks shops support the local fire service and the local fire service makes sure it's a safe 4th July for everybody, its win win"

The Mr W Fireworks stand in West Odessa, Texas is cooking up free hamburgers and hot dogs in return for donations for the volunteers.

They say without the fire departments year-round dedication Independence Day celebrations would not be possible.

"Without them, we wouldn't have fireworks. Regardless if we sell them or if we pop them. We wouldn't be able to do either if it wasn't for them."

It is refreshing to see everyone working together for a happy and safe Independence Day, happy 4th of July everybody! Let us keep it safe and have many many more firework-filled holidays.

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