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Firework Therapy for Pets

Firework Therapy for Pets

Designed by Jon Bowen and Sarah Heath, two internationally renowned vets who exclusively treat an animal with behavioural problems, this pack is designed to help any pets with a sound phobia. Jon and Sarah have successfully treated many animals with severe phobia problems and bring their years of expertise to this product, which they use with their own patients. Most dogs with a phobia are afraid of more than one noise, so this pack contains sounds of gunshots, thunder and fireworks as well as rain, hail and the shrill and whooshing noises that fireworks make as they take off.

The method is simple and effective. In independent scientific study dogs treated with Sounds Scary showed consistent and significant improvements after 8 weeks of treatment, with 93 of people saying that they would use the product again if they had another dog with the same problem. An amazing result for any product. A competitor product tested in the same study failed to produce such spectacular results, showing that the experience and thought that went into designing Sounds Scary cannot be emulated by cheaper alternatives.

The pack contains two full-length CDs, a detailed 32-page manual and a fold-out poster with easy to follow instructions so that your can get started right away. If it is getting close to firework night, have no fear. The instructions also explain how to get through firework events with the minimum of stress, so that you can get started with treatment when the season is over.

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