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Firework tattoos - Tattoo Art

Firework tattoos - Tattoo Art

Tattoos are possibly the ultimate way to pay respect to something or "big it up" to use the parlance of the youngsters (about ten years ago).

When someone gets tattooed they are permanently reminding themselves or the world of their respect, love, admiration or reverence of whatever they have had inked onto their body. It is a way to pay homage to the subject, by immortalizing them (immortal for the lifetime of the tattooed that is) in ink.

We have seen a few great tattoos in our time. So here we bring together picture of the best fireworks tattoos that we have seen. If you have any pictures of fireworks related tattoos we would love to see them and, if we like them, add them to this blog post.

We all like the one above, bold and vibrant colours and smoking sparking fuses on fireworks ready to explode. This is a great "sleeve" tattoo where the whole arm is wrapped in colour.

The Tattoo above is on the back and is a great example of what tattoos are about - for some people - to remember something or someone. The words "Never Forget" are surrounded by beautiful coloured willow bursts effects with trailing stars. Very beautiful, this obviously means a lot to someone.

This is a good one, obviously the result of a very expensive holiday to Disneyland or Disneyworld or the Scottish equivalent "Disney work" ("doesn't work" - get it?) A very efficient way to ensure a memory lasts forever. The person must have had a great time whilst at the "happiest place on earth" and decided it had such an impact on their life that they wanted it with them forever. And who are we to argue?

We like this one. The romantic scene of a couple of young kids, arm in arm, sitting on the grass watching the fireworks display. This is a beautiful image and immediately makes us nostalgic for the days of our youth, watching fireworks in the summer nights and the world and the moments seemed like they would last a lifetime. Now, thanks to the ink, they will.

This is very cool, although no one seems to be able to tell me why exactly. Nevertheless the author of this shop window quotation has obviously been touched deeply by an event or circumstance in his or her life and felt the need, the impulse, to share their emotions with the world. This is a touching photograph, again I am not sure exactly why.

Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2010

And finally, fireworks at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Just my little joke.

Fireworks have been around for a heck of a long time. Tattoos invented in pretty much the same place, have been around for a lot longer, at least 4000 years. Tattoos are almost an opposite art form to fireworks.

Fireworks in their beauty and brilliance last for only seconds, burning brightly and vigorously they can measure their whole lives in milliseconds and in radiant wondrous heat and light.

Tattoos are colourful works of art that burn less brightly but far, far longer with a spark that cannot be completely extinguished until long after the light inside the person has gone and the body starts to follow suit.

Although almost polar opposites in their art forms the 2 have been brought together on occasions like we see in these photographs and it works really well. The instantaneous alongside the everlasting.

Comments are welcome as always.

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