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Firework or Pyrotechnic?

Firework or Pyrotechnic?

We often get asked if we do Pyrotechnics? Although the words “fireworks” and “pyrotechnic” are classed as the same product, whilst both are classed as explosives for storage reasons, they may fall into different classes, but there are obviously subtle differences.

Think of the difference between a party popper (classed as pyrotechnic) and a 500 shot roman candle barrage (firework) the storage regulations differ immensely.

While any item deemed to be a firework would usually be used outdoors and have a pre requisite safety distance, most pyrotechnics are designed predominantly for indoor use, another difference would be the amount of debris produced and the safety distances required.

As anyone who has had the pleasure to use our fireworks will be aware, after the show you will find hundreds of tiny cardboard discs. The discs are there for a very good reason, most of our barrages have the effects preloaded into tubes which make up the cake as it is also known the discs are there to contain the exotic powders in the tubes, which is why we don’t have to worry when loading a customer’s car with their purchased pyro if the boxes are placed on their sides as we know nothing will spill out because of the discs.

Pyrotechnics generally don’t have any debris associated with them as again they are usually used indoors, neither do they have a safety distance of 5, 8 or 25 metres (dependent on the classification of the firework) and usually a pyrotechnic would be electronically fired where all our fireworks have a fuse with a time delay of around 8-10 seconds.

So if you are looking for smoke bombs, flares (either hand-held or fired from a flare gun), flame projectors, waterfalls, Gerbs and Saxons (spinning Gerbs), I’m afraid you won’t find these on our site as these are all classed as pyrotechnics and as we specialize in fireworks, having the UK’s biggest range of 1.3g fireworks.

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