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Firework Fever

Remember Remember The 5th November

The frenzy of last-minute firework buying began here at Epic at 7.11 this morning with the first customer arriving through the doors as we bit into our toast!!

Yesterday was similar with people coming from all over the UK to get the best fireworks that money can buy for their celebrations this weekend and next. The hum around the place is amazing and we have had any number of men (not necessarily young – you know who you are!!) returning to replace the fireworks that they could not resist firing well in advance of their proposed event!!

Fireworks are traditionally a ‘boy toy’ with men from 18 to 80 coming in and seeing all the fireworks displayed on the shelving and filling the screen’s of the TV’s in the showroom with this glassy eyed expression is truly something to behold. However, this year, there has been a massive increase in the number of pyro passionate ladies. From Jo in Hull to Claire from Sheffield and of course our very own pyro ladies, Donna and Sarah who just love em. Ladies are a little more creative as it’s not all about the loudest bang as they concentrate more on the aerial spectacle and sky art created by our beautiful fireworks.

If you are planning an event though, whether it’s a few family members in your garden or a sizeable display for your extended friends and work colleagues, we have it all. Our small display packs start from just £24.95 for the great value Plot Night to the brilliant Guido’s Pack at £99.95. Both packs represent excellent value for money and as detailed on previous research, they are bigger, better and more powerful than your local supermarket brands.

Come along to Epic, make a day of it as we are lucky enough to have some staggeringly beautiful countryside around about as we are about 15 minutes drive from the High Peaks, 10 minutes from Yorkshire Sculpture park which has some brilliant works displayed by Joan Miro, Simon Pope and Henry Moore. This is a great way to combine culture, exercise and fresh air for all the family and 5 minutes from Elsecar Heritage centre which has a display of Steel City Cruisers this Sunday (4th November 2012) which includes ‘hot rods and custom car shows’.

Of course, if you require anything a little less cultural, we are positioned within a couple of minutes of Meadowhall Shopping Centre, which can accommodate your need to continue the spending trend. You see ladies, if your man has just blown a couple of hundred on fireworks, there are some pretty classy shoe shops where you can even it up a little!!

So, come along to see us – you are bound to find something to suit your budget and we would be delighted to see you.

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