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Firework Facts

Here at Epic, we know only too well that Bonfire Night is fast approaching and we thought we would take this opportunity to offer some facts about fireworks.

• Fireworks were invented in China 2000 years ago and were made of bamboo. They were burned and crackled as the pockets of air which naturally occur in bamboo exploded. This was thought to frighten away evil spirits.

• China continues to be the biggest exporter of fireworks in the world.

• The town of Liu Yang in Hunan Province is ‘THE fireworks producing capital of China’ and the whole of the province is dedicated to the art of pyro.

• Fireworks have been used for centuries in ancient Thai and Indian religious ceremonies. Some of the rockets were 8-10 feet long and they were attached to sticks that were 40 feet high.

• The first recorded in the UK were at King Henry V11 wedding in 1486. They gained popularity in England during the reign of Henry VIII and by the time we reached the reign of Elizabeth I there was a ‘fireworks master’. Elizabeth created the post so that someone could be in charge when there was a state event. On in history from this point, James II even knighted his ‘fireworks master’ following a particularly excellent display.

• The word for firework in Japan is ‘Hanabi’which means ‘fire-flower’.

• Half of all fireworks accidents occur in the under 16 age group.

• Three simple sparklers lit together will generate the same heat as a blow torch.

• There are 2 classifications in consumer fireworks 1.3g and 1.4g. This refers to the explosive content. The 1.4g fireworks usually have a lower flash content, whereas the 1.3g is a much higher explosive content, giving a more spectacular display.

• Fireworks will frighten most animals, this would include gun-broken dogs – ensure all animals are able to hide away as the noise, light and children's excitement will simply add to your pets distress.

• The colours in fireworks are created by the addition of chemicals like sodium, copper, potassium and barium to name but a few. It is said that the first addition was iron filings which were ground down and added to the gunpowder and resulted in gold colouring which is the earliest recorded ‘colourful’ firework.

Just a few facts but you should always remember that Fireworks are a truly beautiful thing but should not be used by children and safety first every time.

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