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Firework Composite

Firework Composite

Composite of three separate exposures this is a beautiful shot. There are many really helpful hints and tips on taking beautiful shots of fireworks.

Fireworks are really easy to photograph and can be achieved by exposing the shutter for several seconds to draw lines on the film. If you take a picture of a huge burst you will gain great results from following these simple rules:

On SLR cameras:

• Turn off the flash.
• Set the lens to manual focus and change it to the infinity marker (two little circles side by side). With most autofocus camera’s use auto-focus to focus on something very far away and then change to manual to maintain the focus on infinity whilst you carry on shooting.
• Position the camera on a tripod and invest in a cable release or remote control so there is less likelihood of camera movement.
• If your camera has it, shoot on M or Manual exposure for best effect.
• Set your camera to B or bulb and this will keep the shutter open to the light.
• Shoot at the lowest ISO available and turn off ISO auto.
• Try to gain an aperture of f/5.6 at ISO 50 or 100 and at f/8 should be at ISO 200. If you have not a clue about apertures or believe your camera does not have one, don’t worry, you will still be able to take some great shots.
• Open the shutter before the first burst. Hold it open several seconds, until one burst completes, or hold it open longer for several bursts.
• As more bursts happen, they "draw" on you film or digital, and add together to look like they all happened at once. If you only open the shutter for one burst, you get one. If you hold it open for several consecutive bursts, you'll get a photo loaded with all of them.

So now you have taken your collection of pictures, you just have to play cleverly with photo-shop pro or a similar enhancement application and bob’s your uncle as the saying goes. Try to bear in mind the surrounding skies have to be of a similar tint and free of obstructions.

Happy snapping – let us have your pictures and we will feature them on our Flickr channel.

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