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Firecracker roll

Do not try this at home people.And turn the volume down a bit before playing.

Of course in the UK firecrackers are not legal for sale to the general public. If they were they would probably be the most popular form of firework going.

The idea with a roll of firecrackers is to roll them out. The clue is in the name. These guys or "hillbillies" to give them their proper name, decided to tape the roll together, thus reducing the overall duration and giving a more spectacular spectacle.

Firecrackers come in all shapes and sizes and in the past have featured some amusing and unusual artwork - firecracker artwork

They also look pretty cool when watched in slow motion - slow mo firecrackers

And if you ever wondered what 10.5 million looked like going off at the same time (we did) - 10.5 million firecrackers

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