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Film-maker to plan China 60th anniversary fireworks

Film-maker to plan China 60th anniversary fireworks

BEIJING (AFP) — The Chinese film director behind last year's spectacular Beijing Olympics opening ceremony will help orchestrate a fireworks show for the 60th anniversary of Communist China's founding, according to state media.

Acclaimed film-maker Zhang Yimou said he had accepted an invitation to help plan the fireworks gala over Tiananmen Square, though he stopped short of saying he would be the director.

"My work will merely be orchestrating it. That's all," Zhang said on the sidelines of the nation's annual parliamentary session, to which he is a delegate.

Zhang last week revealed that he was also planning a film to mark the 60th anniversary, which falls on October 1.

China is planning huge celebrations on that date, which comes 60 years after revolutionary leader Mao Zedong proclaimed Communist China's founding.

Zhang is known for blockbusters such as "Hero" and the "House of Flying Daggers," and has been nominated three times for an Oscar for the best foreign film.

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