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FHM Feature Epic Fireworks

FHM Feature Epic Fireworks

Each year here at Epic we have been fortunate enough to have been contacted with regards to reviewing our products in a number of popular magazines and publications so imagine our delight when we were approached by non other than FHM! Originally published as ‘For Him Magazine’ the name didn’t really hit the spot so a bit of re-branding and it became FHM in 1994.

As seen in the November issue of, the team over there did a really good job of reviewing a number of our rocket products looking as they said for ‘the best bang!’.

Here are the products and their comments:

Pyro Passionate :)

Mega Rocket Pack - £24.96 (inc VAT) - This popular pack contains 21 rockets with multiple effects and a very satisfying crack. FHM said ‘Tasty little rockets with a HUGE bang’

Red Ball Head Rockets #EpicFireworks

Ball Head Rockets - £14.95(inc VAT) - Single large rockets which are available in Red, Blue or Green. FHM said ‘THE loudest thing we’ve ever heard EVER!’

Make It an EPIC 2012 Guy Fawkes Night

Sky Storm Rocket Pack - £34.92 (inc VAT) – This pack is one of our biggest seller in the range and continues to delight families and of course organisations up and down the Country. There are three rockets and two different effects on offer which really do deserve to be seen to be believed. FHM said ‘We shot down a planet with these and we’d do it again!

Thunderous Rocket volley - 25 x 1.3g Rockets

Thunderous Rocket Volley - £59.95 (inc VAT) - This is a one box delight with 25 rockets specially linked together so that you can light one fuse and retire to 25m to see the 25 rockets bursting in the skies overhead with stunning bright green and purple dahlias with loud breaks and changing to a huge cloud of golden crackles. FHM said ‘the perfect size for your garden – these get the job done’

And finally,

Supreme Rocket Pack - £14.95 (inc VAT) – this rocket pack is wonderful with 12 fabulous multi effect 1.3g rockets. Our best value for money pack and features in a number of our Bonfire Night display packs. FHM said ‘SHOWSTOPPER’

some more for the girls

So, the results are clear, a completely independent review of some of our products which goes to prove that if you are looking for great quality fireworks for your celebrations, just check us out online.

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