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Festival of Fireworks

Festival of Fireworks 2023

WHAT: Festival of Fireworks 2023
WHY: Family fun with some brilliant pyro!
WHEN: Saturday 2nd September 2023.
WHERE: Catton Hall, Walton on Trent, Derbyshire
COST: Free for Under 5’s, Tickets coming soon for others.

The Festival of Fireworks in Derbyshire is back for 2023. Hosted by Jubilee Fireworks, this will be the 24th year running of this fantastic show.

Catton Hall - Festival of Fireworks

As it stands, 4 expert display teams will each put on individual segments of the display, not in competition with each other, but to display their unique creativity.

This year the following firework display teams are participating:

Phase One Fireworks
Sonic Fireworks
Illusion Fireworks
Jubilee Fireworks

Set on the stunning grounds of Catton Hall in Derbyshire, this provides the perfect atmosphere for an evening of fun, family and fireworks.

Catton Hall, Derbyshire

Included in this event will be a wonderful selection of food and drink stalls, game stalls and fairground rides, live entertainment and more!

See below a clip from the 2022 event to get a taste of the festival…

Brilliantly synced with a recognisable soundtrack, this show is beautiful and will amaze both young and old viewers.

Tickets are not yet available but will be coming soon. Keep an eye on the website here to check in and get your tickets as soon as possible, you don’t want to miss out on this one!


• A free car park is available for guests just a few minutes’ walk from the area.
• Also, take along your own camping chair for a more comfortable experience during the show.
• Gates open at 2:00pm, with the fireworks beginning at around 8:30pm, with a 10-minute break between each display.
• The shows will end at around 10:15pm.

Enjoy the show!!

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