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Families fight on for bonfire

Families fight on for bonfire

A petition is being launched in Bilston amid claims the town is “being ignored” over the scrapping of a popular bonfire extravaganza.

Campaigners are trying to persuade the council to keep the annual bonfire and fireworks display in Hickman Park, which attracts 15,000 people. Bosses last week revealed the event will not be going ahead this year because it “undermines” the bigger West Park bonfire.

Bilston East councillor Stephen Simkins today branded the decision a “disgrace” and said residents were furious about it. He will be in the town’s High Street from 10am on Saturday rallying support and gathering signatures.

“I think it’s a disgraceful decision,” he said. “If you take away our firework display all that will happen is that anti-social behaviour relating to fireworks will increase and residents will feel they are being ignored.

“This was a place where people could go and enjoy themselves. The message it sends out is atrocious. It’s like we are being told ‘if you live in Bilston, you don’t matter’.

“People here are furious.”

Tory councillor Wendy Thompson, cabinet member for finance, said: “We are dealing with big-budget pressures and difficult decisions continue to be made over what we can and cannot do. Front line services have to be the priority for the council

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