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As Nico Rosberg crossed the finish line to take the chequered flag, the on-board transponder initiated the start of a four minute fireworks display of epic proportions.

Right from the start, the race promised excitement with Nico Hulkenberg not even making the first turn as chaos ensued. He ended up being sandwiched between the Red Bull of Max Verstappen and the Torro Rosso driven by Carlos Sainz, causing him to destroy his car as he collided with the track side barrier. This in turn resulted in the safety car being deployed with an unusual pit lane drive through. Once the debris had been removed the race restarted with one brave marshal getting caught out as he recovered the last of the carbon fibre shards as the fast moving pack hurtled towards him at nearly 200 mph.

There were some particularly hairy moments, as an early pit release saw two of the £3.5 million cars almost crash together and take one of the pit crew with them in their attempt to get in and out of the pits as quickly as possible.

The Singapore F1 race, like Monaco, takes place on a street circuit where the usual speed limit is 30mph. But, for one day a year, this is increased to over 200 mph with a very tight track and barriers inches away from the fast moving cars.

Since it’s inauguration race in 2008, the Singaporean circuit has become recognised as one of the few that almost always features a safety car at some point making strategy calls from the team principle a little more unsure; anything can happen here and usually does.

It seemed tyre choice was to determine the race outcome as Singapore is a notoriously difficult track to overtake on, but there was some very close and intense racing with Daniel Ricciardo almost catching Nico Rosberg on the last lap.

A very well deserved driver of the day award went to Sebastian Vettel who after a rear suspension issue saw him qualify in 22, right at the pack of the pack, the Ferrari powered engine and his determination boosting him to finish fifth overall.

The fireworks as always were large loud and impressive and with the changes to the management now American media group Liberty are the in charge some new technology should start to appear such as the giant stop-watch projected on to the Ferris wheel beside the track.

All in all it was a good race full of exciting moments and some stunning fireworks both on and off the track.

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