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Extreme Tooth Extraction

Now, many people have any number of recommended uses for rockets nowadays including celebrations, bird-scaring and occasionally for sending loved ones ashes into the sky but this is a new one on us.

In over 20 years we have never seen anyone use a rocket to remove a TOOTH!!!!

Some of you may be aware that the MD’s daughter is a dentist and she is staggered by this video clip.

The rockets are a US Army patriot M-106 model rocket kit which is available online from $14.99 (£9.60) so from a cost point of view – a great idea but come on …. Only in the USA.

The little boy was very brave and found his tooth for popping under his pillow for the tooth fairy visit later.

If you have heard of any other strange uses for fireworks or rockets, please let us know and we will give them a mention on the biggest and best fireworks blog in the world.

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