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Exploring The Different Types of Fireworks You Can Buy in the UK

Exploring The Different Types of Fireworks You Can Buy in the UK

Fireworks, the star of the show in any celebration, right? But ever wondered about the various types that make up those spectacular displays?

From rockets soaring into the night sky to sparklers twinkling in hand, each firework brings its own flair to the party. In this article we break down the seven main firework types you can buy here in the UK, exploring their unique characteristics, how they work and where you'd expect to see them in a display.

Let's dive in...

Box packed full of rockets


Characteristics: Rockets are the classic firework that shoot skyward and light up the horizon. They come in a huge range of sizes and effects, from grand aerial displays to smaller ones for intimate celebrations. You'll spot them by the burst of colours and patterns they create at their peak after being shot into the air in the back of a fiery tail.

How They Work: Picture a rocket like a mini jet – it's filled with fuel and has a mechanism that propels it upwards. Once ignited, the fuel burns rapidly, thrusting the rocket high into the air. It's a simple yet effective process of lift-off.

Where You'll Find Them: In every impressive fireworks display, rockets take the spotlight. They mark significant moments with their stunning explosions, adding that extra 'wow' factor to celebrations.

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Large barrage firework


Characteristics: Barrages, also known as cakes, come in various shapes and sizes. They're compact boxes loaded with a series of tubes, and once ignited, they fire off multiple shots in quick succession. From small barrages for personal celebrations to grand ones for big events, they're all about unleashing a flurry of sparks and effects with one single spark.

How They Work: Think of a barrage as your very own fireworks production in a box. Each tube within the barrage is pre-loaded with its own set of effects – be it colourful stars, crackles, or whistles. When lit, these tubes fire off one after the other, creating a rapid-fire display that paints the sky with a stunning array of effects with minimal effort.

Where You'll Find Them: Barrages are the crowd-pleasers at firework displays. You'll see them delivering a stunning performance, shooting off a series of shots one after another, treating spectators to a sky filled with lights and sounds.

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Gold Fountain 


Characteristics: Fountains are compact devices placed on the ground. When ignited, they emit a cascade of sparks, crackles, and coloured flames, creating a mesmerising visual effect. From smaller handheld fountains to larger ground-based ones, they're all about creating a captivating show closer to the ground.

How They Work: Unlike rockets or barrages, fountains stay rooted to the ground. Once lit, they emit a continuous stream of effects, creating a fountain-like display of sparks and colours - hence the name. They're perfect for adding a touch of magic to more intimate gatherings.

Where You'll Find Them: Fountains are often seen in smaller celebrations or as part of larger displays to add interest or to set the tone. Their gentle and captivating display makes them an ideal choice for creating a warm and enchanting atmosphere.

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Blue Star Eruption Mine 


Characteristics: Mines are ground-based fireworks that create a breathtaking effect by shooting stars or shells into the sky. They're essentially a single shot firework that delivers a grand visual impact. These fireworks come in various sizes, producing effects ranging from colourful stars to crackling bursts.

How They Work: When lit, a mine is a bit like a one-shot wonder. It's loaded with a cluster of stars or other effects. Once ignited, it propels these effects into the sky, creating a sudden burst of colours and patterns. It's a swift and dazzling display that catches everyone's attention.

Where You'll Find Them: Mines are often used strategically in larger firework displays, providing a sudden burst of spectacle that adds depth and variety to the show. They're often the surprise element that lights up the sky with a brief yet captivating moment.

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Sky Roar Roman Candles

Roman Candles

Characteristics: Roman Candles are elongated tubes containing several shots or balls that shoot out when ignited. They come in various sizes and each shot produces a burst of stars or effects that light up the sky.

How They Work: Picture Roman Candles as a series of mini rockets bundled together. Each shot is loaded into the tube and, when lit, propels a burst of stars or effects into the air one after the other.

Where You'll Find Them: Roman Candles are a staple in firework displays, often used for their elegant and controlled bursts. Their graceful display of lights adds a touch of sophistication to celebrations, making them a popular choice in various events.

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Whizz Wheel Firework


Characteristics: Wheels are circular devices, often mounted on a pole or suspended, that spin rapidly when ignited. They come in various sizes and configurations, with spokes containing fireworks that shoot out as the wheel turns.

How They Work: When lit, they spin, shooting out sparks and effects in different directions. The rotation creates a stunning visual display, much like a whirlwind of lights and colours.

Where You'll Find Them: Wheels are a spectacle on their own and often form a focal point in larger firework displays. Their spinning motion, combined with the effects, makes them a captivating feature that draws the eyes and adds a dynamic element to the overall show.

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Diamond Sparklers pack 


Characteristics: Sparklers are handheld sticks coated with pyrotechnic composition that produces bright sparks when ignited. They come in various sizes, from smaller ones for personal use to larger ones for communal celebrations, often in different colours and sometimes even shapes.

How They Work: Sparklers are simple yet delightful. Once lit, they emit a shower of sparks, creating a mesmerising trail of light. The composition burns slowly and safely, allowing for a longer-lasting display that's safe to hold.

Where You'll Find Them: Sparklers are a favourite among all ages, often seen in gatherings, parties, and events. Their charm lies in the joy they bring as people create playful patterns and shapes with the glowing trails of light, adding a personal touch to celebrations.

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In Conclusion

Fireworks, in all their diverse forms, add magic and excitement to any celebration. Soaring Rockets, intricate Roman Candles, show-stopping Barrages, grounded yet enchanting Fountains, the sudden burst of brilliance from Mines, the spinning marvels of Wheels, and the delightful handheld Sparklers – each type brings its unique charm to the party.

And not only that, each type of firework is part of a whole family of colours, effects and sounds. Each firework is a unique work of pyro art and it's this diversity that makes them so exciting.

Here at Epic Fireworks, we pride ourselves on stocking the UK's biggest range or market-beating fireworks. So, whatever you need, we've got you covered.

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