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Exciting Monthly Firework Displays to Illuminate Victoria Harbour

Exciting Monthly Firework Displays to Illuminate Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour, one of Hong Kong's most iconic landmarks, is set to become even more spectacular with the introduction of monthly fireworks and drone shows.

The initiative, aimed at boosting local tourism, promises to deliver exciting displays against the backdrop of the city's stunning skyline.

Financial Secretary Paul Chan announced the plans during his annual budget speech, revealing that the government has allocated approximately HK$1.1 billion to tourism bodies for this purpose. The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) will be at the forefront of these efforts, organising monthly pyrotechnic displays and also revamping the beloved light-and-sound show, 'A Symphony of Lights.'

The scale of the monthly fireworks displays is expected to be similar to the Tourism Board's Winter Harbourfront Pyrotechnics event held last December. Despite the grandeur of the shows, Chan assured that they would be cost-effective, with each display estimated to cost around HK$1 million, significantly less than traditional fireworks displays which normally cost 10 times this amount.

In addition to the fireworks, the government plans to enhance the harbourfront experience by introducing commercial facilities offering food, drinks, retail, and entertainment.

The revitalisation of Victoria Harbour aligns with the government's broader strategy to diversify tourism offerings and attract a wide range of visitors. New seasonal experiences, festivals, and events will be developed, featuring themes such as Chinese and Western arts, pop culture, wine-and-dine, and active sports.

One successful example of these initiatives is the Temple Street Night Market promotion held last December, which drew tourists and locals alike to this bustling street. The HKTB plans to replicate this success with the firework displays, offering more diversified activities and promotions enriching the cultural landscape of the district.

As Hong Kong embraces these exciting developments, residents and visitors can look forward to unforgettable experiences at Victoria Harbour, where every month promises to be deliver a fantastic night of fireworks.

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