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Everything You Need To Know: The 2024 Festival Pyrotechnique Cannes

Everything You Need To Know: The 2024 Festival Pyrotechnique Cannes

The Festival Pyrotechnique Cannes is back for 2024, promising another year of breathtaking pyrotechnic displays that light up the sky over the French Riviera. Held in the glamorous city of Cannes, this internationally renowned event attracts top pyrotechnic teams from around the world, each competing to deliver the most dazzling and innovative fireworks show. If you’re a fireworks enthusiast or simply looking for a magical experience, the 2024 Festival Pyrotechnique Cannes is an event you won’t want to miss.

What is the Festival Pyrotechnique Cannes?

Established in 1967, the Festival Pyrotechnique Cannes has grown into one of the most prestigious fireworks competitions globally. Each summer, the Bay of Cannes becomes the stage for a series of spectacular fireworks displays, with teams from various countries showcasing their skills in an effort to win the coveted Silver Vestal, Vestal of Vestals, and Jury Award.

What to Expect

Each participating team presents a 25-minute show, choreographed to music and judged on synchronization, creativity, technical difficulty, and overall aesthetic. The displays incorporate a variety of pyrotechnic effects, from traditional fireworks to cutting-edge pyrotechnics, creating a symphony of light and sound that captivates audiences.

The event is free to the public, drawing thousands of spectators who gather along the waterfront to witness the incredible displays. Whether you’re viewing from the beach, a boat, or a rooftop terrace, the Festival Pyrotechnique Cannes offers an unforgettable experience.

When and Where?

The 2024 Festival Pyrotechnique Cannes will take place over six dazzling nights spread across July and August. Mark these dates on your calendar to ensure you don’t miss a single show:

  • Thursday, 4th July
  • Sunday, 14th July
  • Monday, 22nd July
  • Wednesday, 7th August
  • Thursday, 15th August
  • Saturday, 24th August

Each evening's display is set off from barges anchored in the Bay of Cannes, providing a stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea and the twinkling lights of the city. The fireworks start around 10 PM, but it’s advisable to arrive early to secure a good viewing spot and soak in the festive atmosphere.

Best Viewing Spots

To get the most out of your experience, here are some of the best locations to watch the fireworks:

  • La Croisette: The famous promenade along the Cannes coastline is one of the most popular spots for viewing the fireworks. Arrive early to find a spot along the sea wall or grab a seat at one of the many beachfront cafes and restaurants.
  • Le Suquet (Old Town): For a more elevated view, head to Le Suquet. The hilltop location offers panoramic views of the Bay of Cannes, and the old town's charming atmosphere adds to the experience.
  • Beaches: The public beaches, such as Plage de la Croisette and Plage du Midi, provide a relaxed setting where you can sit back on the sand and enjoy the show.
  • Boat Cruises: Watching the fireworks from the water is a unique experience. Several companies offer evening boat cruises during the festival, giving you a front-row seat to the pyrotechnic displays.
  • Hotel Rooftops: Some of the luxury hotels along the Croisette, like the InterContinental Carlton Cannes and the JW Marriott Cannes, offer rooftop viewing parties, combining excellent views with exclusive hospitality.

The 2023 Winners

The Festival Pyrotechnique Cannes has a storied history of showcasing some of the most incredible fireworks displays from around the globe. Each year, pyrotechnic teams bring their best to compete, creating unforgettable shows that leave audiences in awe. Let's take a look at the winners from 2023.

Vestale d’Or: SUGYP (Switzerland)

SUGYP delivered an extraordinary performance that earned them the coveted Gold Vestal. Their display was a masterful blend of precision, creativity, and technical prowess, illuminating the Cannes sky with intricate patterns and vibrant colours. The Swiss team's show was lauded for its flawless synchronisation with the accompanying music, creating an emotional and immersive experience for viewers.

Special Jury Prize: JOST (Austria)

The Austrian team, captured the Special Jury Prize with a display that showcased their unique pyrotechnic artistry. Their show was marked by innovative sequences and unexpected combinations of effects, which impressed the jury with its originality and execution. The meticulous craftsmanship and creativity demonstrated by JOST set their display apart, earning them this prestigious recognition.

Public Prize: LUX FACTORY (France)

Representing the host nation of France, LUX won the hearts of the audience, taking home the Public Prize. With a rich palette of colours and dramatic bursts, LUX FACTORY's show was a crowd-pleaser, engaging spectators with its rhythm and energy. 

The Festival Pyrotechnique Cannes is renowned for pushing the boundaries of pyrotechnic art, with each year bringing new levels of creativity and technical achievement. The festival's commitment to excellence has made it a pinnacle event in the world of fireworks, attracting the best teams who vie for top honours.

Plan Your Visit to Festival Pyrotechnique Cannes 2024

Visiting Cannes for the Festival Pyrotechnique is an opportunity to experience more than just spectacular fireworks; it’s a chance to immerse yourself in the charm and luxury of this iconic French Riviera destination. Here’s how to make the most of your trip:

  • Arrive Early: To secure a prime viewing spot, especially along the Croisette, it’s best to arrive a few hours before the fireworks begin.
  • Bring Essentials: Consider bringing a blanket or foldable chairs if you plan to sit on the beach or in other public areas. Don’t forget snacks and drinks to enjoy while you wait for the show to start.
  • Check Local Listings: Stay updated with local listings and festival announcements for any last-minute changes or additional information about the events.


Cannes offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit all budgets. For those looking to splurge, the city is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, such as the InterContinental Carlton Cannes, Hotel Barrière Le Majestic, and the JW Marriott Cannes. These hotels not only offer top-notch amenities but also provide fantastic views of the fireworks from their terraces and balconies.

For more budget-friendly options, consider staying in charming boutique hotels or renting an apartment. Websites like Airbnb offer a variety of local accommodations that can give you a more personal experience of the city.

Dining and Refreshments

Cannes boasts a rich culinary scene, with numerous restaurants offering everything from traditional French cuisine to international dishes. Consider booking a table at a seaside restaurant along the Croisette for dinner before the show. Many establishments offer special menus during the festival.

For a more casual experience, grab some takeaway from local eateries and have a picnic on the beach while you wait for the fireworks to start. Street vendors and food stalls are also available, offering snacks and refreshments.

Exploring Cannes

While the fireworks are the highlight, Cannes has plenty more to offer:

  • La Croisette: This glamorous boulevard is lined with high-end boutiques, luxury hotels, and palm trees. It’s perfect for a leisurely stroll or some serious shopping.
  • Le Suquet: Explore the narrow, winding streets of Cannes’ Old Town. Visit the Musée de la Castre, housed in a medieval castle, and enjoy stunning views from the church of Notre-Dame d'Espérance.
  • Île Sainte-Marguerite: A short ferry ride from Cannes, this island is known for its beautiful nature trails and the Fort Royal, where the Man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned.
  • Marché Forville: Experience local life at this vibrant market, where you can buy fresh produce, cheeses, and other local delicacies.


Cannes is well-connected and easily accessible by various modes of transport:

  • By Air: The closest airport is Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, about 30 km from Cannes. From the airport, you can take a bus, taxi, or train to Cannes.
  • By Train: Cannes is on the main railway line from Marseille to Nice, with frequent services. The train station is conveniently located in the city centre.
  • By Car: If you’re driving, be aware that parking can be challenging during the festival. Use public parking facilities and be prepared for a short walk to the event area.
  • Public Transport: Cannes has a good public transport system, including buses and taxis. Consider using these options to avoid the hassle of parking.

The 2024 Festival Pyrotechnique Cannes is set to be an unforgettable series of events, lighting up the skies over the French Riviera with some of the most spectacular fireworks displays in the world.

With six dates to choose from, you have multiple opportunities to experience this magical festival. Plan your visit, choose your viewing spot, and prepare to be dazzled by the artistry and creativity of the world’s best pyrotechnicians.

Whether you’re there for a day or a week, this festival promises to be an unforgettable experience.

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