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Everything You Need to Know About the BSO Proms in the Park at Meyrick Park

Everything You Need to Know About the BSO Proms in the Park at Meyrick Park

Get ready for a sensational weekend of music and fireworks at the BSO Proms in the Park at Meyrick Park, Bournemouth. This year, the event promises two evenings of unforgettable performances of classical masterpieces and seventies disco hits.

Set against the backdrop of summer skies and enhanced with stunning firework displays, these are events you won't want to miss.

What's Happening and When at the BSO Proms in the Park

The weekend kicks off on Friday, 26th July with a Classical Extravaganza. The evening will feature some of the most renowned pieces of classical music ever written. Under the baton of conductor Pete Harrison, the programme includes Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade, popular movie soundtracks by John Williams and Hans Zimmer, and timeless masterpieces by Johann Strauss, Bach, and Grieg. The highlight of the evening is Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, which will be accompanied by a stunning pyrotechnic and fireworks display, providing a colourful and explosive climax to the night.

On Saturday, 27th July, the park transforms into a disco haven with the Disco Symphonic Spectacular. This event promises an exciting celebration of seventies disco hits, complete with a live disco band and star singers including Tess Burrstone, Kirsten Joy, Gavin Conder, and Nick Shirm. You can expect to relive the magical sounds of the seventies with hits from the Bee Gees, Earth, Wind & Fire, Boney M, Sister Sledge, Donna Summer, Kool and the Gang, and many more. The evening will be packed with fireworks and pyrotechnics, adding a visual spectacle to the vibrant music, and ensuring a night filled with energy and excitement.

Both events promise to be unforgettable, blending music and fireworks in a spectacular setting.

Getting Tickets

Advanced tickets are now on sale and offer a great opportunity to secure your spot at a discounted rate:

  • Advanced tickets: £34 for adults, £19 for under 18s, available until 25th July
  • On-the-day tickets: £38 per ticket
  • Booking fee: £1 per ticket

Tickets for the Friday Classical Extravaganza can be purchased here and for the Saturday Disco Symphonic Spectacular here. Alternatively, you can call the BSO Box Office at 01202 669925.

Getting to the Event

Getting to Meyrick Park for the BSO Proms in the Park is straightforward with several transportation options available:

Public Transport

  • Bus: Local buses run frequently to and from Bournemouth town centre. Look for services that stop near Meyrick Park or within a short walking distance. Check the latest schedules and routes on the Bournemouth public transport website.
  • Train: Bournemouth train station is well-connected and just a short distance from Meyrick Park. From the station, you can take a bus, taxi, or enjoy a 20-minute walk to the park. Trains from London, Southampton, and other major cities run regularly to Bournemouth.


  • Address for GPS: Use Central Drive, Bournemouth, BH2 6LH for accurate directions to Meyrick Park.
  • Parking: On-site parking will be available, but spaces are limited and likely to fill up quickly. It's advisable to arrive early to secure a spot. There are also several public car parks nearby, such as the Madeira Road Multi-Storey Car Park and the Richmond Gardens Car Park, which are a short walk from the venue.
  • Carpooling: Consider carpooling with friends or family to reduce traffic congestion and ease the parking process. It’s also an environmentally friendly option.

Taxi and Ride-Sharing Services

  • Taxis: Local taxi services are readily available and can drop you off close to the park entrance. Pre-book a taxi to avoid waiting times.
  • Ride-Sharing: Services like Uber and Lyft operate in Bournemouth. Use the app to book a ride directly to Meyrick Park.

Cycling and Walking

  • Cycling: If you live nearby or prefer an eco-friendly option, consider cycling to Meyrick Park. Bicycle racks may be available for securing your bike.
  • Walking: For those staying in or near the town centre, Meyrick Park is within walking distance. Enjoy a pleasant walk through Bournemouth to reach the venue.

What to Bring and What to Expect

To ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable night, here are some recommendations on what to bring with you:

  • Picnic essentials: Blankets, chairs, plates, cups and cutlery (no sharp knives) plus your favourite picnic foods and drink
  • Weather preparations: Wearing several light layers will mean it's easy to adapt to the changing evening temperatures. Judging by the 'summer' we've had so far we'd recommend a waterproof jacket too!
  • Options extras: Cushions for seating and perhaps a small umbrella for shade or unexpected rain could be good if you've got the space/arms to carry them.

Food and drink will be available on-site, but bringing your own picnic can make the evening more personal and enjoyable, not to mention it'll save you some money. 

Making the Most of Your Visit

  • Best viewing spots: Arrive early to find the perfect spot for watching the performances and fireworks. Central areas close to the stage typically offer the best views.
  • Park attractions: Take some time to explore Meyrick Park’s natural beauty and facilities. The park’s open spaces and scenic trails are worth a visit.
  • Accessibility: The event is accessible to attendees with special needs. For specific requirements, contact the event organisers in advance to ensure suitable arrangements are made.

The BSO Proms in the Park at Meyrick Park is set to be a highlight of the Bournemouth summer, offering two nights of spectacular music, vibrant performances, and dazzling fireworks.

Whether you're a fan of classical music or disco hits, this event has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on this unique experience – book your tickets now and prepare for a memorable weekend of musical brilliance.

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