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Event of the Year?

Event of the Year?

The annual fireworks display at Lancaster Castle has been nominated for an award, the Lancashire and Blackpool Tourist Board's 'Event of the Year'.

Historic Lancaster Priory and Lancaster Castle in England, are the picturesque site for Lancaster City Council's Firework Spectacular - with traditional bonfire night fare for sale from stalls from 6pm and the North of England's most spectacular Fireworks show from 8pm, for twenty minutes, to round off a full day of music and entertainments which start at 12 noon.

Williamson Park, on the east side of town, will also be open to provide a safe viewing area for the firework display, particularly suitable for wheelchair users and families with young children.

The free fireworks show comes at the end of a day of events, which explore and explain the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, with some reference to the Lancaster Dimension. The Firework Spectacular used to end with the lighting of the Signal Beacon at 8.25pm and the ringing of the old peal of eight bells in Lancaster Priory. During 2004, the Signal Beacon was damaged and had to be removed. The City Council said that it was hoped that it could be replaced, but it might not be before 2005! It's still missing in 2006 . . . and in 2007 . . . and in 2008 . . . However, a bonus is that the Priory bells have been increased in number from eight to ten and these will be rung as usual.

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