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Last year many businesses suffered as a result of COVID-19 and its subsequent lockdowns. A lack of professional firework displays meant that home displays soared and fortunately for retail firework businesses many reported record sales whilst the humble selection box sold out up and down the country. Fortunately, we also had great seasonal trade yet our range of selection boxes were never in danger of drying up. With mammoth levels of stock held in our giant specialised storage facilities we were able to satisfy all orders and in turn keep our customers happy.


Fast-forward to the current day and the firework industry now has a new challenge to contend with, the global shipping crisis. Global shipping demands are outstripping available container and vessel supply not only for fireworks but for general goods too. A global imbalance of empty containers, congestion at major ports, increased online spending and the Suez Canal mishap has seen the cost to ship containers skyrocket.

Maersk Tukang

In America, they have seen firework shortages as stock fails to arrive in time for their huge Independence Day celebrations whilst stock which has arrived has seen large price increases to cover the larger costs associated with transport.

It would seem that the shipping crisis is set to continue for a good while yet, and therefore it's probable that the issues seen in America are likely to also occur in the UK this season. Many firework importers are already implementing price increases of up to 25%, and beyond, whilst others fear they may not receive the full number of containers they had hoped for.

With this said, we at Epic have been busy ensuring that our storage facilities are packed to the rafters and our huge inventory of fireworks will allow us to ride this storm without any major issues. In fact, we are so confident in our ability to fulfil all orders that we have decided to go against the grain and retain our usual low prices! Furthermore, you may have seen the addition of 'FULL CARTON' deals on our website and these can be found under our 'Special Offer' and 'Wholesale' tabs. With certain shops worried about securing stock from elsewhere we have decided to offer the opportunity for businesses to buy product from us and additionally these amazing offers can also be purchased by members of the public.

WE ARE FULL #EpicFireworks 2021

Despite the odds we want to assure everybody that we are carrying the stock levels to supply all and will continue to do so without compromise to our pricing and fantastic value for money.


With many having enjoyed home displays last year, mixed with rumoured probable firework shortages, we fully expect another season of high demand and low supply. It would be advisable to buy early in order to guarantee the best selections and, like always, we await your valued business.


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