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Epic Goes All Price Comparison – Asda

Epic Goes All Price Comparison – Asda


Its Bonfire Night fast approaching so all thoughts turn to grabbing the best fireworks available bearing your budget in mind.

So here at Epic, being the public-spirited group of lovelies that we are have gone all price comparison to make sense of the fireworks out there.

This week, we compare with Asda’s range. Now they are not a bad quality item or anything like that but for your money, they are still not great value. I would like to compare first of all the ‘Mystic Deal’ family selection pack with an Epic equivalent:

Asda’s Mystic Deal:

• 2 packs of 5 sparklers
• 18 piece selection box
• 2 small barrages

Cost inc. VAT £50.00

Epic’s Penny for the Guy Selection

• 14 piece quality Standard Cliffhanger selection box
• 3 packs of 5 1.3G specially selected rockets (15 in total)
• 1 Award-winning 1.3G barrage
• 1 Chinese lantern

Cost inc. VAT £44.95

So with your £5.00 change, you could also get 10 sparklers, 1 magic stars barrage and a big shot barrage and still have change for a coke! (obviously to photograph it against!).

Then, to one of their large consumer display barrages, ‘The Eye of the Storm’ which has 101 shots of varied effects and lasts around 43 seconds. The cost, a not inconsiderable £100.00 inc VAT.

For the same £100.00 you could have the spectacular ‘The Phantom 500’ multi-effect barrage which lasts a staggering 2 minutes 25 seconds and costing £39.95, and still, have enough for one of the UK’s best finale cakes, the fantastic Screaming Spiders at £44.95 for 55 seconds of sky filling mayhem.

So, your choice is simple, go for inferior, over-priced fireworks from your local supermarket who have no real specialist knowledge of fireworks but can tell you all there is to know about bread or you could consider a trip over to see us at Epic Fireworks and get double the goodies, with double the effects and which last for more than double the time – simples!!!

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