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Epic Fireworks Wedding Show Videos

On Sunday the 30th May 2010 Epic Fireworks did a little display for some friends of ours who were getting married. The wedding was a big success and a great party. Needless to say, the highlight was the fireworks and the show was fantastic. We have captured the display from 2 angles. One camera was focused on rockets alone and the other was a crowds eye view showing what it looked like from where the audience was standing.The audience video was shot by Kaushal Patel, the rocket video by Epics own Paul. The rockets were all hand lit by Paul and Big Mex, the barrages hand lit by handsome pyrotechnician extraordinaire Graeme Connelly.

As you can hear from the crowd there was a lot of excitement on the night and a great time was had by all. Check both videos for a completely different view of the fireworks.

Every firework used is available from Epic Fireworks right now to order on phone or on the internet, delivery is usually free and we are always happy to advise on how to set up and fire your own display. Make it a night to remember, with Epic Fireworks.

Everyone keeps asking what the big rockets at the end are, Sky Thriller made exclusively for Epic Fireworks. The UK home of fireworks.

Pictures of the display to come soon.

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