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Epic Fireworks = The Ultimate Firework Shop

Epic Fireworks = The Ultimate Firework Shop

The EPIC division of Jimmy's Wholesale Fireworks was created in response to a rapidly expanding customer base looking for premium fireworks at the lowest possible prices. EPIC Fireworks has grow and developed in line with the demands of this sector, whilst the name of Jimmy's will be retained to serve national retailers. We started many years ago as a family business - and shall continue as such to ensure that our costs are kept to a minimum and personal service is retained.

Our ongoing mission is to introduce the concept of Total Quality into all aspects of our supply to you the customer. To do this, we will focus on three basic fundamentals of customer service - Q, C, D (Quality, Cost, and Delivery).

* Quality - We stock fireworks from all the leading brand names and select only lines that we believe offer the right balance of performance and cost - of course, safety is a pre-requisite that shall never be compromised. All enquiries and orders will be treated with appreciation and attention to detail. Customers should feel they have received a first-class service and want to return again in the future.

* Cost - Unlike many other suppliers, we will negotiate the best prices for our fireworks and pass on this benefit to our customers. We shall always endeavor to offer the lowest possible prices along with free advice and assistance wherever possible. Most of our fireworks are priced at half the manufacturer's rrp or below, pack prices also include VAT. We will also run special offers at amazingly low prices right throughout the year.

* Delivery - Subject to pack price and customer location, we can deliver your fireworks free of charge to suit your requirements - unlike other suppliers we will not dictate the time and day. If you collect your pack from our warehouse you will receive an incredible free gift. We supply 365 days of the year and always carry large stocks to meet whatever your needs.

EPIC FIREWORKS are here to ensure that whatever the celebration - Guy Fawkes, New Year, Wedding, Birthday, Divali, or Corporate Event - you will never need to go anywhere else for unbeatable fireworks deals!

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