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Epic Fireworks - The No. 1 Firework Supplier

Epic Fireworks - The No. 1 Firework Supplier

We handpick the best fireworks from all the leading firework manufacturers and suppliers, hence rather than supplying from just one source we ensure that the fireworks in our range are the most spectacular and best value for money available.

Our extensive testing and knowledge of the wide range of fireworks now produced combined with our expert advice means that our customers get the very best fireworks available for their particular firework event.

You'll find no poor performing fireworks in our packs. Many suppliers pad out their packs with cheap poor performing low-level fireworks, we don't!

Whether you are looking for quiet fireworks for a small back garden or noisy fireworks for firework displays for Bonfire Night or New Year etc, our knowledgeable staff will spend time with you and advise you to ensure that you won't be disappointed. We choose our fireworks from the following firework manufacturers and suppliers:-

Standard, Black Cat, Brothers, Panda, Marvel, Men Shun, Fireworks International, Oriental, Cube, Paramount, TNT, Essco, Majestic, Boomtime, Millennium, Bright Star, Red Dragon, and Mystical. Our buying power means we are able to pass on to our customer's many exclusive firework special offers, savings, and more.

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