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Epic Fireworks Private Display

Below is a video (and a really nice description) i found on youtube this :)

This was my 2011 private display for friends. All fireworks were purchased from Epic Fireworks ( This was my second Epic display and has now started an annual tradition of Epic fireworks displays. I hope this gives you a good idea of what sort of display can be achieved with a budget of around £750 from Epic.

This is almost all cat3 and the video was filmed at around 30 meters viewing distance.

The firing order is as follows:

Star salute
Colour storm
Dr thrust x 2
Humming Hornets x 2
Sky thriller x 2
Heavy duty x 2
Echo bombs x 4
Whispering palms
Smiley x 2
The brick
Angels v demons
Crazy horses
Screaming spiders x 2 And thunderous finale
Sky thriller x 3 and king x 2

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