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Epic Fireworks in Glasgow

Before pressing play to ensure the kids are out the room, there is a bit of swearing towards the end.

The Epic Fireworks team provide a short and sweet display for good friend John's 30th Birthday Party in Glasgow.

Pyro-technician extraordinaire Graeme Connelly ignited the fireworks at the West Scotland Cricket Club and the crowd was understandably appreciative.

Forgiveness has to be allowed for the camerawoman who made the cardinal sin of turning the camera sideways halfway through the display. However all is forgotten as when the "false finale" was over and the real fireworks began, everyone went mental!

Firing Order:

1 x Fire One

1 x Sky Lab and 1 x Mad Moth

2 x Typhoon Twister

1 x GoldenEye

1 x Sky Lab and 1 x Mad Moth


1 x Screaming Spiders and 1 x Whispering Palms and 1 x Rogue Vipers

1 x Drunken Glasgow Crowd

The whole display cost less than £220 and is available only from Epic Fireworks. You can tell from the noise the audience made that it was a great display and the reports to the local police only confirmed what we all knew. It was a brilliant show!

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