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Epic Fireworks For Epic Dads

Epic Fireworks For Epic Dads

The very first observance of Father’s Day (that we are aware of) took place on the 5th of July 1908 in Freemont, West Virginia to compliment Mother’s Day and to recognise male parenting.

Anna Jarvis of Grafton, West Virginia is the lady who inaugurated Mothers day lived just a few miles up the road from Freemont and is thought to have inspired Grace Golden Clayton. Grace’s father was killed in 1907 in the Monongah mining disaster where 361 men (250 of whom were fathers) also lost their lives. As a remembrance to her father, she tried to introduce Fathers Day, although the commemoration was popular in Freemont it didn’t take off countrywide. Another failed attempt was in Chicago when Jane Addams proposed city-wide recognition; this was turned down by the local government.

In 1912 Methodist Pastor J.J Berringer of Vancouver believed he was the first person to celebrate Fathers Day, not being aware of the earlier attempts. Once again the idea failed to catch on. On to 1913 and a bill was presented to congress to officially recognise the day. Regrettably, once again the vote didn’t receive enough support to be passed. Forward to 1916 and President Woodrow Wilson, speaking at a Father’s day rally, wanted to make the holiday official but once again Congress resisted feeling that the celebration would become too commercialised. Another 8 years passed and newly appointed US President Calvin Coolidge recommended the nation observe the day in 1924 but stopped short of making it a national proclamation.

Some time passed with no official word, it wasn't until thirty-three years later it was mentioned again when Maine Senator Margaret Chase-Smith wrote to congress accusing them of Ignoring Father’s but recognising Mother’s worth thus setting the ball rolling again. Eventually, official recognition was put in place when Lyndon B Johnson issued a Presidential Proclamation honouring fathers in 1966 but wasn’t made an official holiday for another six years when President Richard Nixon signed it into law.

The most popular day for the celebration is the 3rd Sunday in June, but across the world the day varies. If you happen to be in Andorra, Bolivia, Croatia, Italy or Spain on the 19th of March it is Father’s Day.

The Republic of Korea celebrates neither Mother’s nor Father’s Day opting for a joint Parent’s day on the 8th of May.

Possibly the most unusual day is the Bulgarian Father’s Day which they acknowledge on the 26th of December (our Boxing Day).

On Father's Day today, cards are bought or made for fathers; gifts are presented usually socks, books, DVD’s, sporting events tickets, football paraphernalia, and motor racing memorabilia and alcohol feature among the most gifts given.

Over the past few years however, we have noticed a trend towards buying fireworks. These could be for a surprise party with dad or just lighting up a couple of barrages or launching a few rockets for the fun of it.

Whatever way you wish to tell your Dad how much you love him, remember we are here seven days a week all year round for all your firework needs whether it be Father’s Day, Birthday, Wedding or even new false teeth, call us or pop in for a no obligation chat.

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