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Epic Fireworks - Fireworks Set Over Snow

Epic Fireworks - Fireworks Set Over Snow

Over the years we have done some pretty spectacular displays but none prettier than the displays we have done over snow.

As most of you may be aware, this New Year promises to be a white one with the Meteorological office predicting one of the worst winters since 1947 and with temperatures set to drop well below zero, we take a peek at the pro and cons of using fireworks in snow.

The crisp cold air and snow on the ground makes the fireworks sound much louder than usual and the reflections of colour from the fireworks exploding high above, light up the white ground cover illuminating the surrounding areas reflecting bright lights in all directions giving a magical almost ethereal look.

As we deliver to anywhere in mainland UK the only issue we can foresee is getting the goodies to our customers if the weather does break. This is where you could help us and potentially save yourself the hassle of trying to get fireworks closer to you which we can pretty much guarantee will never be as good as Epic’s marvellous range.

The real issue is how remote are you located. If you live in the highlands of Scotland for example, we will have a problem getting up there and as such plan only to come up once a day or two before New Year. Now if you are looking to have firework to ring in the New Year in style, be that Hogmanay in Scotland or just a good old-fashioned party at home, we have a fantastic range of fireworks and our DIY display packs are exceptional.

We genuinely don’t want to disappoint anyone and with Hogmanay being such a big celebration the world over, but let’s face it ask most people where they would rather be for the chimes of Midnight, most would choose to celebrate in Scotland. So if I could kindly ask anyone who is considering ordering fireworks and lives in the following areas, please place your orders as soon as possible to prevent disappointment:

KW, IV, AB, PH, DD, PA, and FK postcode areas of Scotland
Cornwall, Dorset, Devon and Exeter areas
The more remote parts of Wales

We suspect these areas will cause our fleet of delivery drivers the most concern.
Using the fireworks in snow will not cause any problems with a couple of simple precautions. As we have mentioned before, if it is damp, simply wrap the fireworks in swing bin liners, the cheaper the better as most are clear or opaque allowing you to see the fuse through the bag, these will prevent any moisture affecting the fireworks performance and preventing misfires. Simply point your Portfire at the fuse. There is plenty of energy in the fireworks to burst through the polyethylene bag.

As for temperature, don’t even give this a second thought as the fireworks will work perfectly will even down to minus 40 degrees.

For those who want to see the display themselves rather than being under the display with a portfire, consider our Launch Kontrol Pulse system, wrapping the bags around the fireworks then attaching the “talon” of the igniter, everything can be set up well in advance, then it’s just a case or arm the firing system and hit the fire buttons in order.

Hopefully it will be a Fantastic, memorable and safe night for all.

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