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Epic Fireworks - Craig & His Fireworks Stash 2008

Epic Fireworks - Craig & His Fireworks Stash 2008

Over the years here at Epic, there have been literally thousands of customers cross our threshold but few are held close to our hearts than Craig.

You know the story, as a little boy like most kids of his age, he looked forward to Bonfire Night with bated breath but every year, his disappointment grew as his parents refused to allow him to have fireworks. As he grew into adulthood, his love of and fascination with pyro grew and he swore that he would have the loudest, brightest fireworks available each year.

Of course, since meeting up with us here at Epic, he has never looked back and continues to buy vast amounts of fireworks of every kind (usually the biggest 1.3g single ignition barrages available) and hosts a huge Bonfire Night bash, the weekend after the big day which of course we are all invited along to.

To all the pyro-maniacs out there, come along to Epic Fireworks to see the biggest selection of 1.3g barrages in the UK.

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