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Epic Fireworks + Colin Furze = BOOM

Epic Fireworks + Colin Furze = BOOM

Anyone with any interest in inventing or trying to work ‘outside of the box’ will no doubt have heard of Colin Furze the British Inventor.

Here at Epic, being predominantly a team of lads who simply love playing nice with anything you can race, bend, break or blow up, we thought it was time we met up!

In early July, Colin was able to find time in his extremely busy schedule to come along to our Head Office . He spent the day with us chatting face to face about his inventions and record breaking successes and of course to enjoy first hand a ‘Jimmy’s epic breakfast’ and see what we could do in co-operation for his forthcoming madness.

Epic Fireworks + Colin Furze = BOOM

Colin needed some 'PROPER' fireworks for one of his craziest experiments.

He didn't want the 'cheap', 'weak', 'complete waste of money supermarket rubbish fireworks'...




This is where we come in :)

Colin explained a little more about his hydroforming project (see video below) and asked for a load of 'powerful consumer fireworks' to test out his new work of art.

We filled his car full of explosives, and sent him on his way.

OK, now for the video :)

Top Man Colin - Great Work As Usual - See You Soon Man :)

Check out a load of other crazy videos by Colin on his official YouTube channel.

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