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Epic Fireworks Are Truly OUT OF THIS WORLD

For the hundreds of customers who have already been along, thank you very much and those who have yet to order, get a shuffle on (as we say up North), some items are already running very low and some are out of stock now.

We do of course stock a massive range of barrages, rockets, mines and some of the biggest fountains in the UK today so there is always plenty of choices but when it comes to specific items, you may like to get in touch to advise what you are looking for to avoid disappointment and we will endeavour to meet your request.

In some cases, as many of you will be aware from last year when we ran out of a great many lines, we have a number of alternate items which we can recommend. If your item is out of stock, please give us a call and we will advise of the nearest match for you to check out.

If you have a budget in mind and would like some assistance in creating the perfect show, again, you can either call or email us or come along to the store for one to one advice.

We would never recommend making a show last longer than intended as the crowd will be bored and you should try to ensure that there are no ‘dark sky’ moments in between. Generally, 20 minutes is the maximum you will keep the attention of your viewing public (bearing in mind it is usually very cold and dark out for BFN) so make it memorable and concentrate on getting a full finale for best effect.

We have a range of barrages which have been specially created for a fabulous finale. The best are of course the regulars, Thunderous Finale and Screaming Spiders but there are still a number of others. Here are just a few:

Angels vs Demons – This fantastic piece of pyro has a simple effect of silver spinning dragons tails to large brocades and slow falling golden glitter. Sounds a bit plain? Don’t be fooled! This barrage has 70 shots of maximum calibre angled tubes that sweep across the sky giving a rapid and dazzling display of spinning glittering silver dragon tails that are simply mesmerising. High impact, guaranteed crowd pleaser and beautiful too – what more could you ask for.

Deep Impact – an astoundingly beautiful firework with massive Golden Palms burst 5 at a time after rising through high reaching, strobing golden mines. These huge palms erupt in beautiful sequence and illuminate the sky with long-lasting arms as ruby red dahlias dot the palms with colour. The ending is a great surprise of red and green crossettes that spread rapidly and split across the sky. Well timed, beautiful effects and a wonderful end to any show.

Rogue Vipers – a much under-estimated firework which is a captivating end to any show. Great when fired in pairs and the sky is full of captivating ruby red and emerald green dancing lights that shimmer and dart all across the sky follow large and loud shrieking comet tails that spin into the air with eerie whistles. This incredible rapid firing finale firework is certain to be a big seller this year and would be the perfect end to any show.

If you would like any assistance at all, remember we are here 7-days a week, 362 days of the year so if you need help for Bonfire Night or indeed New Year’s Eve or a special occasion, ranging from Weddings (Shaadi – Indian and Asian weddings are our speciality) special Birthdays or Anniversary celebrations, we have something to suit everyone. Our specially trained staff will guide you through your show and make recommendations to ensure that whatever the occasion, it will be a display to remember.

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