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Epic Fireworks 4th July Firework Cartoon Video

Epic Fireworks 4th July Firework Cartoon Video

The cartoon shows that as far as synergy is concerned, the 4th July and fireworks are intrinsically linked.

The American War of Independence began as a war between Great Britain and the then thirteen colonies who were vehemently opposed to British rule, in particular the massive levels of taxation.

The upshot is, following the Boston Tea party in which a ship load of tea, which the British planned to impose tax on, was unceremoniously dumped into the harbour, feelings were running high. The Spanish, dutch and French joined forces with the Americans to ensure the turning of the tide of despair and the rest is history. The United States of America was formed and the American Declaration of Independence was signed.

Americans are naturally as proud of their independence as we are of our Royal Family.

No-one in the world today can doubt the American people's pride on their independence and it goes to show that with the passing of the years, a few men fighting against opposition can really change the world.

If you plan to have fireworks in the UK for your 4th July Celebrations, we have a massive range of superb fireworks for you to choose from.

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